Return Policy

What is the returns policy? For complete confidence when purchasing online or on the phone, we give you 14 days to return a watch you aren't happy with for a full refund. Please return items in the same condition and with the same accessories as purchased, with online and telephone purchases retaining the red returns tag. Refunds will be processed after inspection in 5 working days. You can return a watch by post to Signature Bob, 1065 SW 8th Street, Miami Florida, 33130 or email info@signaturebob.com.

Can I exchange the watch for different one? If your watch is still within the 14-day exchange period and retains its original condition and accessories, you can exchange it for another.

When will I receive my refund? Once we have received the watch and inspected it, your refund will be processed in 5 working days.


Servicing A Watch

How long will the service take? If the work is completed internally, a watch service typically takes 3 weeks—dependent on the availability of parts—from the date you give us the go-ahead to service.

What is the watch servicing process? Once you have made an enquiry, we will send you an estimated quote for the work. You will then need to send the watch to our service centre, or drop it off at one of our nationwide boutiques. We will send you a final quote after inspection, so that you can give us authorization to begin your watch repair or service. The work will be completed by our manufacturer-accredited watchmakers using brand-approved tools and machinery. Once complete, your watch will be passed to quality control for a rigorous inspection. Then, once you have made payment, your watch will be returned to you, or made available for collection at one of our locations.

When is payment due? You will need to make payment once the repair work or service has been completed.

Is there a warranty provided? For every overhaul service that we undertake, we provide a 24-month Signature Bob warranty on the work we have done, giving you that extra bit of peace of mind.

Has my watch been received yet? You can check the status of your enquiry at any time by logging in to your account page. As soon as your watch has been received and booked in, your account will be updated.

I have a question about my existing enquiry, how can I get in touch? If you have any further queries regarding your existing enquiry, please submit a question to info@signaturebob.com or call us.



What happens if my watch develops a fault? Every watch we sell is furnished with a 12-month warranty for your peace of mind. If your watch develops a fault and is still covered by warranty, you can return it to us to be diagnosed by submitting a warranty enquiry. If the fault is covered by the warranty, it will be repaired free of charge. Warranty diagnosis takes 5 working days, with the repair time quoted once the diagnosis has been made.

Why has my watch stopped? If your watch is mechanical, it may need winding. A mechanical watch will usually need around 40 rotations of the crown from completely unwound — a manual watch will resist when full, an automatic will go on winding forever. The crown on water resistant watches may need unscrewing before you begin. Automatic watches can run out of power while being worn if your movements aren't sufficient to keep the mainspring fully wound. If your watch has a quartz movement, it might need a change of battery.

What's the difference between mechanical and quartz watches? A mechanical watch is powered by a tightly coiled mainspring. Manual mechanical watches must be hand wound to keep them in power, typically every other day. An automatic watch is also mechanical; however, it is predominantly wound by a rotor weight that turns with the wearer's movements. A quartz watch, however, is battery powered and extremely accurate. On average, a battery in a basic time-and-date quartz watch can last anywhere between one and five years.

How long does a quartz battery last? A quartz watch’s battery life depends on several factors, including the watch’s age and the functions of the timepiece. On average, a battery in a basic time-and-date quartz watch can last anywhere between one and five years — often, the second hand will begin a ‘double tick’ as a battery life warning.