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Signature Bob

Signature Bob Belt - White

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  • Material: Made from genuine cowhide leather 

  • Size: 1 2/5” which is a perfect size and look for a high-quality belt.

  • Easy Trim: No more Holes-Our belts provide many unique adjustments for a superb and comfortable fit. The easy removable buckle allows you to custom cut the belt to fit your unique waist measurements. You can trim the leather strap to fit that exact length by simply using sharp scissors or knife.

  • Versatility: Ideal accessory to wear as an everyday belt, goes well with jeans or formal wear

  • Mechanics: This is a no-hole belt and very easy to use- just slide the belt into the buckle and pull through, the buckle will simply auto-lock. To release the belt, pull the lever on the side, simply push the belt in an anti-clockwise position and the buckle will snap and unlock.

  • Buckle: The buckle has a highly fashionable design which looks extremely classy and elegant. The SB logo is lasered into the buckle, given it a distinguishing, high-end look.

  • Warranty: Signature Bob offers 100% satisfaction on all of its products. If you are not completely satisfied with your belt, contact us and we will refund your money or exchange for a new product.

  • Colors: Black, white and brown (each color has its unique buckle design)

Please allow 5 – 15 business days for delivery within the U.S. International orders may take longer to ship depending on location.